Christiaan Schaake

Who is Christiaan Schaake?

I was born and raised in Apeldoorn, married and have 2 very pretty girls. My profession is ICT Consultant, see my LinkedIn profile.


Besides my work computers are also a hobby. This site is a good example. My hobby goes beyond just a website. This website is hosted on my own server. This server is actually VMWare server running multiple virtualized servers. The web server runs on one of the virtual servers, other servers provide internal applications, database server, mail server and the domain server for Another advantage is that I can simply add a new experimental server on the fly.

In addition to building several server applications I try other things to connect to the server. A good example is the Server Power applet on the home page. The data comes from the electricity meter in the meter box. The data is passed on to the database.

Motor ship Calm'an


Another hobby is our motor ship Calm'an. The Calm'an is a Crown 885 AK built in 1985 by Shipyard De Koning - Keyzer from Leiderdorp, a steel cabin vessel of approximately 9 meters. The ship has two bedrooms each with a double bed. A kitchen, dinette and toilet. Steering can be done both inside and outside.
It is nice to steer outside in de sun, or dry inside when it rains. The ship is powered by a Vetus marine diesel of 35 HP.